TELEFUNKEN M 10 2 - track and M 15a 4 - track recorders

NEUMANN, ALTEC and TAB / SIEMENS/ TELEFUNKEN V72/V76 microphone - amplifiers,

Neumann U 473 Compressors,
FAIRCHILD 670 Limiter/Compressor (BlackCat Audio)
custom made stereo compressor, original Fairchild schematics

ENB 12 - channel mixing console.

BlackCat Audio 12 - channel mixing console.
(custom made all tube console, original Pultec and RCA schematics)

Slapbck echo from Telefunken M 15 and M 10 reel to reel tape recorder

EMT 240 - Reverb unit.

2 - track: The sound is being mixed before the first take.
No post-production exept for leveling, editing and eq.
4 - Track: We don´t do multi - tracking but we can do
overdubs on existing master records or do vocal dubs.


a great collection of microphones such as

RCA 44, RCA 77, WESTERN ELECTRIC 639B, GEFELL UM57, NEUMANN M49, NEUMANN U47, NEUMANN M582, CMV 563, SCHOEPS M201 and many others ...


SHURE ribbon mic

Schoeps M201





First recording sessions were held in July 2003 and since then we had the opportunity to record great musicians such as Huelyn Duvall, Glenn Honeycutt, Charlie Gracie, Rayburn Anthony, Doug Wilshire, Hank Ray and Eddie Clendening, Max Panconi, Kieron McDonald, Fireball Steven plus some of today´s finest R´n´R and Rockabilly bands like The Chrome Daddies, The Round up Boys, Eddy and the Backfires, Ike and the Capers, The Mad Men, Ray Allen & the Hi-Fi´s, Mississippi Queen, Cherry Casino & the Gamblers, The Ballroom Rockets, The Tin Roof Cats, Jesse Al Tuscan, Little Neal & the Blue Flames, Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Hannes and the Blue Vinyl Freaks, Randy Rich & the Poor Boys, Lars Vegas And The Love Gloves, The Wailin´ Elroys, Miss Ruby Ann, Pep Torres, Jason Lee Wilson, Johnny Law And The Pistol Packin´ Daddies, Lloyd Tripp and the Zipguns, The Roy Kay Trio, The Raw Meats, Adam And His Nuclear Rockets, The Rocket Riders, Mike Bell And The Belltones, The Lucky Bullets, Billie And The Kids, The All Night Workers and the list goes on...
Lightning Recorders is based on the first floor of a nice 1930´s factory building and consists of two rooms, recording room and control - room. The recording room is about 100 sqm and the control room is about 20 sqm. The rooms are bright and the sun shines through the windows in the morning hours, nice! We have a coffee - maker. You can go to the next hot - dog stand in breaks (three minutes walk) for lunch.There´s a gas station next door. Clean restroom at the studio and free parking right in front of the building. Like so many studios in the world we have a staff bunch of studio musicians available for your sessions.They will work out arrangements and patterns with you.
We use vintage RCA, Western Electric or Neumann - Gefell broadcast microphones, Electro-Voice dynamic microphones on most of our sessions. Ribbon microphones give a very warm and natural sound and are especially useful when recording vocals, claps, bass-fiddles and electric guitars.
It's your recording that is important to us. When appropriate, and if the project allows, we use the studio here as much as we can to keep within budget. Many of the clients we serve can't spend a whole lot of money, and feel they have to compromise the quality of their recording to fit their budget. Not here at LIGHTNING RECORDERS! Clients get top notch quality and attention to detail they can't get anywhere else, at a price they can afford!
Turn your Vinyl records into CDs!

listen to your old recordings again! We can transfer your cassette tapes, 45s, LPs to CD!
Contact us for more info


We prepare your pre - masters/CD compilations for the pressing plant or private use.Please send us your material and include a tracklist and all necessary info.Pre - mastering is possible from cassette tapes, CD-R, DVD, 45s and LP.

Design and Layout!

We work with you to develop compelling visual concepts and an attractive and professional look for your CD packages and printed matter. With experience in both publishing and the music business, we assist in organizing images and written material to present a dynamic and coherent design for each project.